Our Stance

New Leaf Paper allows you to make the right choices without sacrificing quality. New Leaf Paper founder Jeff Mendelsohn states “Let non-profits focus on the issues. Business should focus on the solutions.” Since 1998 New Leaf has sought to bring sustainable solutions to the paper industry.

New Leaf Paper believes in letting ancient forests take their natural course. Virgin paper products already in circulation provide us with all we need to make the highest quality printing paper. Imagine what new creativity can be printed on new surfaces made from your recycle bin.

We believe that the message of being green should motivate, not dictate. Environmental responsibility should be based in the real world, not on unattainable goals. And environmental stewardship should be characterized by both responsible actions and the use of sustainable, superior products.

In our eyes, “post-consumer waste or recycled fiber” is not another world for “trash.” We see its potential to become a beautiful printing surface for a new corporate vision or a travel guide that transports the reader to the far side of the world.

New Leaf’s line of fine papers embodies our overall philosophy. We offer the highest quality printing substrates with the highest sustainable fiber content in North America. Our papers offer printing that meets the highest standard of image reproduction.

The care of our beautiful planet and the stewardship of its natural resources is up to all of us. At New Leaf Paper, we believe you can feel good about using paper again …and again! We take the papers you recycle and bring them back to life — a new approach that is saving millions of gallons of water, preserving trees, saving energy, and sparing the air of greenhouse gases. Plus, we process every sheet – chlorine free.


According to the Environmental Paper Network (EPN), choices about paper use and selection are some of the easiest, and most significant actions people can take to impact the planet. Paper production can be a dirty business. In addition to causing water pollution and the loss of native forests and biodiversity, paper production is the third largest industrial energy consumer in the world and one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gasses. New Leaf Paper is the least damaging on the environment and conserves water (up to 80% versus virgin wood papers) and has an extremely positive effect in preserving our natural resources and keeping the planet clean by reducing greenhouse gases and solid waste in land fill.


It’s no surprise that paper comes from trees, but did you know that more than 30% of the trees cut in the United States end up as paper? Pulp and paper production is one of the largest contributors to the loss of endangered forests all over the world.

Deforestation is the second leading contributor of carbon emissions worldwide after the burning of fossil fuels. New Leaf Paper sources fiber from the least environmentally harmful sources, including post-consumer recycled waste (PCRF), de-inked recycled (unsold publications and printer waste), and FSC® certified virgin paper (sustainable forestry).


Tree-based paper production is one of the biggest industrial water users. Producing recycled paper uses up to 80% less water than creating paper from virgin pulp. But choosing paper like New Leaf doesn’t just save water; it helps to keep it cleaner by eliminating the toxic byproducts that come from using chlorine.


Traditional paper mills use chlorine gas to bleach their products. This causes the formation of highly toxic byproducts, such as cancer-causing dioxins and other harmful organochlorides. These poisonous waste materials then leak into rivers and enter the animal and human food stream, causing adverse health effects, from cancer to birth defects and other reproductive problems. Recycled paper bleached without chlorine compounds is referred to as Processed Chlorine Free (PCF). All our papers are PCF.


New Leaf Paper manufactures our products with biogas energy, wind power, and electricity offset with Green-e® certified renewable energy certificates. Learn more about green-e.


Paper production is the fourth largest greenhouse gas emitter among all United States manufacturing industries. If American offices cut their use of unsustainable paper by just 10% (490,000 metric tons) it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions equal to taking 280,000 cars of the road.


Paper is the single largest component of our landfills, where its decomposition emits methane, a gas with 23 times the heat trapping power of carbon dioxide. On average, paper accounts for more than 40% of a landfill‘s contents. This is especially shocking considering that paper is one of the easiest items to recycle. A higher percentage of recycled paper can be used through an integrated de-inking capability. This results in less waste and ensures that everything that leaves the mill is either paper or a useful byproduct.

By using high percentages of post-consumer waste / recycled fiber content, New Leaf Paper diverts waste from landfill. We pride ourselves on our environmental commitment and authenticity, working with our mill partners that incorporate the most sustainable design principles available. Our paper is created with market-leading environmental specifications, from using the highest percentages possible of recycled and sustainably harvested fibers, to processing without the use of toxic chemicals.

We lessen the impact on climate change at every step of our products’ lifecycles. From fiber sourcing, to production, to disposal, New Leaf Paper is committed to the most environmentally sound choices.


You don’t need to take our word for it. The Environmental Paper Network (EPN) defines Environmentally Superior paper as paper that meets the following criteria:

  1. Minimum of 50% of post consumer recycled fibers (PCRF). New Leaf Paper uses 100% PCRF.
  2. Virgin fiber that has no controlled wood content or controversial sources. All New Leaf products are FSC certified and/or Ancient Forest Friendly.
  3. Processed Chlorine Free (PCF). All our papers are PCF.

100% post consumer recycled fiber (PCRF) papers emit 25-50% less greenhouse gases and consumes ZERO trees. Read more about EPN’s Paper Steps and compare them to New Leaf. You’ll find that every one of our products falls into the category of “Environmentally Superior Paper.”

Canopy outlines similar requirements for Ancient Forest Friendly(TM) paper.


Recycled paper, as defined by the EPA, is uncoated paper with at least 30% PCRF and coated paper with 10% PCRF. All New Leaf Paper products surpass the established standards, with all but one coated text weight being less than 100% PCRF. When you choose paper with a high percentage of PCRF, you’re not just protecting forests, your keeping waste out of landfill.


We work very closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure that all of our papers meet the highest environmental standards. We have certification letters on file from all of our manufacturing partners, verifying the recycled content and post-consumer recycled fiber (PCRF) in our papers.


Our mission guides our commitment to you, our customer. It is through your support and interest in our products that together, we continue to lead the paper industry towards greater sustainability. We welcome your suggestions and requests so that we can be your primary provider of fine printing papers. We provide our customers the added value of environmental stewardship at competitive prices. Offering an innovative line of environmentally responsible printing and office papers, we unconditionally guarantee our papers measure up to the quality standards of comparable, less environmentally sound papers.

SERVICE: Competing in a field dominated by huge distributors selling a laundry list of products, New Leaf Paper provides excellent service and quality control by focusing our efforts on a select group of products that meet our strict criteria for quality, environmental performance and economy. We are not everything to everybody yet we strive to be the best at what we do for you.

ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFIT: Through the use of high post-consumer recycled fiber content, processed chlorine free bleaching and non-wood fibers, our papers maximize the environmental impact of your paper consumption greater than any paper you can buy.

QUALITY: We guarantee that our papers meet or exceed quality standards of comparable less environmentally sound products.

AESTHETIC: Our papers are visually pleasing and functionally comparable to competitive less-environmentally sound papers of the same grade.

AFFORDABLE: Our papers compete economically with the wide range of fine printing papers available in the market. We supply paper with the greatest environmental benefit that is affordable and cost-competitive.