Environmental Certifications


A sustainable industry requires accountability and transparency. Well-designed certifications and designations are essential to ensure legitimacy of environmental claims, generate trust and demonstrate leadership. No one system covers every facet of production, so we ask all our manufactures to verify fiber sources and bleaching processes. We share this information in our continuing effort to minimize our environmental impact as well as the confusion around these terms and standards.

New Leaf Paper uses the following certifications and designations to validate the environmental leadership of our products:

The Ancient Forest Friendly™ logo represents the highest and most comprehensive standards for environmental responsibility in the paper industry. In order to be Ancient Forest Friendly™, a paper must be manufactured with a high percentage of post-consumer waste and contain no virgin fiber from old-growth, ancient or endangered forests. Any virgin fiber used in the paper must be both FSC certified and assessed to not originate from endangered forests. Bleaching must be chlorine free, without the use of chlorine or chlorine compounds. www.canopyplanet.org

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards represent the world’s strongest system for guiding responsible forest management, including the chain of custody in the manufacturing of paper. When you buy paper products that are FSC certified you are promoting responsible use of forest resources. The FSC also supports responsible forest management by certifying papers that are made with high post-consumer recycled content. New Leaf Paper products that are FSC certified meet or exceed the FSC standards for recycled content in paper products. www.fscus.org

All of New Leaf Paper’s inventory products are manufactured with electricity that is offset with Green-e® certified renewable energy certificates. Green-e® is the nation’s leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy products. The Green-e® logo is a nationally recognized symbol to help consumers identify superior, certified renewable energy products. Renewable energy reduces the emissions that cause global warming and air pollution. In addition, it decreases our dependence on fossil fuel resources. www.green-e.org

Products featuring the wind certification logo were manufactured with energy either sourced from or offset with renewable wind power.

Products featuring the biogas logo were manufactured with renewable energy created by the decomposition of waste. In our case, the energy is generated at a landfill close to the paper mill.