Our heritage has much to offer our habitat and humanity. For more than 155 years, Gettysburg has been a promise of a better America for all people. The enormously consequential 72-hour battle in July 1863 was a turning point for our country and a watershed moment for a young nation destined for greatness. The hills, woods and fields surrounding the town will leave you with a sense of awe. Visitors and world leaders alike walk the hallowed grounds and often leave having found meaning, inspiration and hope. Our town is one of the great works of history.

Since the founding of FutureStake, Gettysburg has been our home and guidepost. As a mission-driven enterprise, we aim to promote and sustain our unique heritage and habitat so that our community enjoys health and prosperity for generations to come. Recently, FutureStake was presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire a certified B-corporation that shares our vision and mission to create better outcomes through business.

New Leaf Paper brings a culture and passion that perfectly fits with our team. Together we are stronger and better positioned to tackle the defining challenge of our time: Simple observation and sound science confirm we are reaching a tipping point and are faced with another watershed moment, one that relates to our changing climate. We are optimistic that through courage, commitment, compassion, coordination and compromise, we can keep this climate crisis from escalating into a catastrophic calamity.

History will help show us the way forward to a brighter future. The undeniable takeaways and hard-earned lessons of 1863 give guidance and relevance for this moment in our time. First: An unimaginably scarred and hard-to-heal land, with proper planning, restoration, time and care, can turn into something sublime. Second: Good ground matters enormously as it can mean the difference between success or failure for people, communities or ecosystems. Third: There are moments in history where tremendous sacrifices are made for the good of our citizens, country and future generations.

This is our moment, and here is our promise:

  • We at New Leaf Paper and FutureStake are committed to a vibrant, green-centric economy working for and with nature so our kids, communities, country and continent enjoy health, prosperity and happiness for many generations to come.

  • We will continue to design, develop and promote paper and packaging products that remove many inherent negatives of traditional grades to reduce the burden we place on our forests and woodlands.

  • We will continue to put waste to work for good and work to keep out of landfills.

  • We will continue to innovate through our products and practices to bring down GHG’s.

  • We will continue to provide our customers reliable, cost-competitive, quality products.

  • We will continue to actively give back to our communities.And, as always, a promise made should be a promise kept. Thank you for your interest in New Leaf Paper.

Best Regards,

Tim Shields