New Leaf Reincarnation 100

Matte Coated

Reincarnation Matte 100 is known for its elegant finish, sharp color reproduction and unmatched environmental specifications. It has exceptional side-to-side consistency and superior opacity.


New Leaf Ingenuity

Uncoated Fine Paper

With the introduction of New Leaf Ingenuity 100% PCRF, New Leaf Paper set a new standard for premium uncoated sheets. The ink holdout for this hybrid uncoated paper is superior, the surface sublime, and the side-to-side reproduction is exceptionally consistent. Ingenuity has a very fast dry time and affording quicker turnarounds during print. Ingenuity also forms very well in the post press environment. New Leaf Ingenuity joins our 100% PCRF coated lines as one of our most sustainable of premium fine uncoated papers. With a full line of digital sizes, Ingenuity is an excellent choice for any project.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 2.17.01 PM.png

New Leaf pioneer

Uncoated Offset

Experience new value in your print collateral with New Leaf Pioneer, a beautiful uncoated offset sheet that performs as well as virgin and is competitively priced. This workhorse is a printer’s dream—a 100% post-consumer recycled fiber (PCRF) offset with superior opacity and excellent printability on press. This grade is available from 40# text weights to cover and reply cards.


Envelopes and Office Papers

We offer envelopes in all our uncoated grades in a full range of sizes. These perfectly match our commercial grade papers and are made with standard flaps. (Machine insertable flaps available upon request).

Our Pioneer and Ingenuity grades are a perfect sustainable solution for fine office papers and are laser compatible.


Everest Inkjet

50% PCRF Inkjet coated paper. Everest Inkjet is designed for high-speed, four-color, inkjet web platforms in North America.  With the optimized coating of Everest Inkjet, printers can run high-quality, full-color jobs at 400+ feet per minute on HP PageWide T-Series and Kodak Prosper Inkjet web presses.