New Leaf Reincarnation 100

Matte, Silk and Gloss Coated

Reincarnation Matte 100 is known for its elegant finish, sharp color reproduction and unmatched environmental specifications. It has exceptional side-to-side consistency and superior opacity.

Reincarnation Silk 100 has a premium printing surface with an exquisite tactile experience. The silk surface is consistent and reliable on press time after time. The surface allows excellent ink holdout and accepts coating beautifully. Reincarnation Silk is also available in a beautiful 150#, 100% PCRF weight.

Reincarnation Gloss 100 has an elegant gloss surface allowing rich color on press. It is a premium gloss finish with superior opacity.


New Leaf Ingenuity


With the introduction of New Leaf Ingenuity 100% PCRF, New Leaf Paper set a new standard for premium uncoated sheets. The ink holdout for this hybrid uncoated paper is superior, the surface sublime, and the side-to-side reproduction is exceptionally consistent. Ingenuity has a very fast dry time and affording quicker turnarounds during print. Ingenuity also forms very well in the post press environment. New Leaf Ingenuity joins our 100% PCRF coated lines as one of our most sustainable of premium fine uncoated papers. With a full line of HP Indigo certified digital sizes Ingenuity is an excellent choice for any project.

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New Leaf pioneer


Experience new value in your print collateral with New Leaf Pioneer, a beautiful uncoated offset sheet that performs as well as virgin and is competitively priced. This workhorse is a printer’s dream—a 100% post-consumer recycled fiber (PCRF) offset with superior opacity and excellent printability on press. This grade is available from 40# text weights to cover and reply cards.


Envelopes and Office Papers

We offer envelopes in all our uncoated grades in a full range of sizes. These perfectly match our commercial grade papers and are made with standard flaps. (Machine insertable flaps available upon request).

Our Pioneer and Ingenuity grades are a perfect sustainable solution for fine office papers and are laser compatible.


New Leaf Copy & Laser Paper

New Leaf copy, laser and inkjet papers are made to the same exacting standards as our fine text and cover grades. We believe there should be no compromise to image quality and performance by using the most sustainable papers made in the USA. All our copy and laser papers are made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled Fiber (PCRF) and Processed Chlorine Free. With a very smooth finish and a brightness of 92, our 100% PCRF papers perform as well or better than virgin wood products.



50% PCRF Inkjet paper. Everest Inkjet is designed for high-speed, four-color, inkjet web platforms in North America.  With the optimized coating of Everest Inkjet, printers can run high-quality, full-color jobs at 400+ feet per minute.